'Captain Marvel' Low-Key Looks Like a 'Dragon Ball' Film

Fans can't stop comparing the 'Captain Marvel' visuals to the classic Saiyans (and Namekians) for the 'Dragon Ball' universe.

Captain Marvel

Image via Marvel

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel might not know what kind of superhero film it wants to be but with a $455 million worldwide opening weekend, we know that it's a resounding success. With that many eyes on the film, it's bound to have something go viral, and if it isn't Ben Mendelsohn's Talos drinking a soda, it's been these on-point comparisons of Captain Marvel in her final form and the charged-up Saiyans of the Dragon Ball universe.

[Mild Captain Marvel spoilers ahead.]

One of the main themes of Captain Marvel is her quest to find her true self. One part of that is truly embracing her powers, which are being hindered until right before the main battle towards the end. Fans of the comics know what time it is when Captain Marvel gets that glow (no Last Dragon), but for the uninitiated, they were treated to glowing eyes, wild energy fields surrounding her body and, well, hair that looks pretty much like when Goku, Vegeta, or any of the other Saiyans power up: blonde and sticking pretty much straight in the air.

It's hard to tell when the tweets comparing Captain Marvel to the world of Dragon Ball started, but they went into a frenzy over the weekend. Some were inventive, like this low-key on-point breakdown of the film, told through stills from Dragon Ball Z.

#CaptainMarvel out of context with Dragon Ball Z pic.twitter.com/anVDnipa8S

Others pointed out the obvious way Captain Marvel looks like she's gone Super Saiyan.

Yesterday when I first watched Captain Marvel, I remembered Dragon Ball Z 😂😂😂#CaptainMavel pic.twitter.com/El0hgnyfTA
Unpopular opinion: Marvel copies Dragon Ball..#CaptainMarvel #DragonBallSuper pic.twitter.com/jiS9eXoBi5

While some already realized that the Skrulls in Captain Marvel were reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z's Namekians, it's been dope to see people saying how much Talos looked like King Piccolo from the live-action Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball: Evolution.

I know it's never good to be compared to DragonBall: Evolution but... 😂 #CaptainMarvel pic.twitter.com/bmGANgehjN
Oh my God, the guy who did the make-up work for the Skrulls in Captain Marvel is also responsible for Piccolo in Dragon Ball: Evolution. It all makes sense. pic.twitter.com/czUYEUBSKO
Captain Marvel: Hey can I copy your homework?

DragonBall Evolution: Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied.

Captain Marvel: OK.

Over course it was up to the edit gawd Bosslogic to bridge these two worlds in a tweet from back in December...

...but ultimately, people are just waiting for Marvel Studios to really bring the world of Dragon Ball to life.

Whoever did the effects for Captain Marvel need to make a Dragon Ball Z movie
Live action dragon ball z should be made now with how captain marvel looked.
Captain Marvel was good and also gives me confidence we can get a (good) Dragonball Z movie #MarvelStudios #DragonBallSuper #funimation pic.twitter.com/ELdfqEptkY

Someone out there needs to make this happen...and that could be Disney. With word of Disney's Fox acquisition possibly being finalized before the month's out, it's interesting to note that 20th Century Fox distributed not only the live-action Evolution film, but also released the anime films (Dragon Ball Super: Broly for example, was distributed by 20th Century Fox Japan along with Toei Company). Not saying the world of Dragon Ball will crash land into the MCU, but it's an interesting observation towards the future of the Dragon Ball empire.

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