Atlanta' Preps for 'Robbin' Season' in Official Trailer

Season 2 of Donald Glover's hit series drops on March 1.

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With so much of our lives currently focused on Black Panther, it's easy to forget Atlanta Robbin' Season premieres on March 1. What does "robbin' season" mean? According to Darius, "everybody gotta eat," and while that adds an eerie, intense vibe to what we'll expect from the second year of this dynamic show, it might not be all bad.

Judging by the myriad of clips we're given in the new season 2 trailer, it looks like the squad is actually doing well for themselves. Paper Boi's in some kind of radio station doing awkward drops, the trio is downing shots and turning up in the club. Earn's handling what looks like a good grip of funds, and V even comments on him going to get them robbed.


The alligator from the Golden Globes promo makes a return (briefly), but there are a number of weird/ominous things going down, from Paper Boi and Darius being photographed during a meeting to bodies on the ground with white sheets over them. There's no real thoughts on where the story will take us, although the storage facility we find out Earn's living in at the end of season 1 does come to play. We'll find out more when Atlanta Robbin' Season commences on March 1.

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