Mahershala Ali Reveals His Sinister Intentions in Exclusive 'Alita: Battle Angel' Clip

In this exclusive clip from 'Alita: Battle Angel,' Mahershala Ali's character Vector hints at his sinister plot for Zalem, and Alita.

In theaters now is 20th Century Fox's Alita: Battle Angel, the long-anticipated film adaptation of the manga series Gunnm. Directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron, much has been written about the CGI and effects featured in the film. Today, we have an exclusive clip from the film, which gives us a bit more detail in the actual story of Alita: Battle Angel.

This clip gives you a hint of what Mahershala Ali's character Vector has in store. Vector's villainy is on full display here, where he brings Hugo (Keean Johnson) into his office to talk some business. Vector's trade is rigging games of Motorball matches, but ultimately, he wants to be the most devious fish in Hell. He also wants to know more about the mysterious Alita, which is merely hinted at in this clip.

Alita: Battle Angel hits theaters today (February 14); you have a whole long weekend to check it out. No excuses.

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