As Always Twitter Reacts Strongly to Live Television Event: 'Grease: Live!' Edition

Put a live event on TV and Twitter will always go off. Guaranteed.

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You can always count on Twitter to have strong opinions about a live broadcast—especially remakes of beloved musical classics. After the huge success of NBC's The Wiz, Fox's Grease: Live! starring Aaron Tveit, Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens (who decided to stick with the performance even though her father recently passed away) in the three titular roles had its work cut out for it. Plus, already remaking the beloved 1978 John Travolta-Olivia Newton John classic has had some (it me) wary about Fox's spin on it, especially because it's mashed up with the 1972 Broadway musical

It was better than we thought it was gonna be! 

Here's a look at how Grease: Live! got Twitter all in its feelings tonight. 

What if Grease Live is actually just a three hour campaign for Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar
"Let's put in a live audience...and then stage it outside." #GreaseLive
Brian DePalma's Grease
cool how sandy's rocking the things-with-sleeves as a cape à la alicia keys on empire #GreaseLive #notcool
Aaron Tveit is 32 years old. This looks like a musical about substitute teachers.
I need somebody without previous love for Aaron Tveit to tell me if they’re buying his greaser swagger at all. [I’m not buying.] #GreaseLive
🎵tell me more, tell me more
Did she put up a fight*🎵

*against the patriarchy
OUTRAGED they didn't bring back this particular bit of choreography. #GreaseLive
Fuck #GreaseLive. I will pay cash money to instead watch Stockard Channing take off her makeup while she drives a car
Seriously: She's gonna kill Sandy. #GreaseLive
Everyone in "Grease Live!" looks like a ninth-place "American Idol" finalist.
Is Danny John Travolta?
Turned to Grease Live just as the real pussy-wagon rolls on screen.
Vanessa Hudgens sort of doing Evan Peters doing John Huston from "American Horror Story: Hotel." #GreaseLive
Sandy is the blandest musical heroine there ever was.
Julianne Hough is doing a wonderful job. #GreaseLive
Danny does not work at five guys, guys
Favorite character so far. #GreaseLive
Vanessa Hudgens is not a very convincing hoe. #GreaseLive
Everyone is doing an impression of Katharine Hepburn's accent in different decades. #GreaseLive
someone just said Danny is a fuckboi
Is this diner in outer space? #GreaseLive
My god, how old are the teenagers at this diner?
"Bite the weenie, Riz." "With relish." Rizzo = early Carrie Bradshaw.
That guy Sandy's on a date with has blocked me on Grindr. #GreaseLive
Sandy totally wants to peg Danny right
sorrz but why isnt justin guarini kenickie rn?? @FOXTV #GreaseLive #AmericanIdol #FINALSEASON
Julianne Hough's face makes me wanna float facedown in a pool for an hour.
It's believable that Joe Jonas' new band would play a high school dance
Tfw when you're watching Mario Lopez as a sexual predator on #GreaseLive
"Danny's a sensitive guy who loves to dance and wear tight jeans and hates sports."
You couldn't make "Grease" today because Frenchie would dislike Teen Angel's weak understanding of intersectional feminism.
recast this musical with a hologram of young john travolta
While you were all looking at Danny & Kenickie, these two were actually having sex #GreaseLive
Rizzo was part of how I learned that being a slut can be cool
And that's how the young Steve Jobs invented greased lightning.
"I feel like this is just a metaphor for the stupidity of men." - @elisabenson
Sandy about to come out like
From the Mad Magazine parody of Grease. Presented without comment.
And #GreaseLive ends with the cast driving into #JurassicPark.
The camera pans around at the end to reveal the only person in the live audience is Robert Durst #GreaseLive

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