United Nations Disciplinary Report Reveals Employees Downloaded Child Porn, Transported Drugs and More

The report covered violations from July 2014 to June 2015.

Image via Flickr

An annual disciplinary report exposed the awful actions by several employees for the United Nations, which works to promote international cooperation. Serious crimes include distributing pornographic images of a minor, transporting weed and threatening murder—which is pretty shocking for the peacekeeping organization.

According to Vice, four workers were fired for sharing and downloading child pornography on their official computers or through the UN networks. Their home countries weren’t revealed but the report added that a fifth was demoted for having adult porn on their computer.

Details also reveal that a staffer was fired for using "an official vehicle of the Organization to transport approximately 173 kilograms of marijuana" because everyone needs a side hustle in this economy. Several others reportedly threatened co-workers with violence, including one who "repeatedly threatened to kill or suggested that the staff member could arrange to kill the Head of Mission."

Another tried to bring a chainsaw on a UN passenger flight, which pales in comparison to the three or more who were supposedly dismissed for engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor. The report was headed by the UN Secretariat and applies to the period between July 2014 and June 2015.

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