Steven Yeun Talks About That One Time He Filmed 'The Walking Dead' While Hopped Up on Steroids

He raged on for seven hours.

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In case you didn’t know, filming The Walking Dead is almost as dangerous as hiding underneath a dumpster surrounded by walkers. Steven Yeun can certainly attest that after getting blood poising during a fight sequence last season with one of those grotesque-looking former humans.

In a web exclusive clip for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the very much alive actor explains how he fell to the ground and a small twig scratched his arm. The next day, his forearm swelled to nearly twice its size, and a red line ran all the way up his arm. Doctors diagnosed him with blood poising and prescribed him with steroids, which must have come in handy for those intense night scenes. “The swelling went down and I also was like raging on steroids for seven hours,” he recalled.

Check out the above clip to see Yeun illustrate what happened with his arms, and just appreciate the fact that you’ll continue to see his face every Sunday night. For now. 

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