Stephen Colbert Bids Farewell to Marco Rubio with a Spot On 'Hunger Games' Tribute

Farewell Marco Rubio from District Thirsty.

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Alas, another tribute has fallen. Republican hopeful Marco Rubiodecided to suspend his campaign earlier this week after being brutally beaten in the polls by Donald Trump in his home state of Florida. The Late Show host Stephen Colbert gave the senator a perfect send off during a segment for his ongoing "Hungry for Power Games" series. Dressed like Caesar Flickerman (played by Stanley Tucci in the films) the comedian highlighted Rubio’s best moments while throwing some nuclear-level shade.

"Yes, Florida senator and boy whose birthday party your parents made you attend, Marco Rubio, has joined the ranks of the fallen," he began. After showing a clip in which Rubio told his supporters there is nothing more they could have done to help, Colbert hit back with, "Well, you could have voted for him…but besides that, no."

The late night host went on to explain what a huge impact this loss is to the race. "This is a major turning point in our games," he said. "For Rubio was the last tribute fighting on behalf of the establishment of Capital City. He was supposed to become the Jeb Bush people liked. Instead he became the Jeb Bush." Bush is a former governor of Florida, adding to the theory that people really don’t like politicians from the Sunshine State.

Colbert concluded his tribute with a heartfelt toast and a dash of optimism. "Goodbye, sweet Marco," he added. "Unless you end up getting the nomination, because really anything’s possible at this point."

I mean, we did make Trump happen

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