Johnny Depp called him a brat who thinks he owns everything. Louis C.K. devoted a 1,400-word essay to calling him "an insane bigot." Miley Cyrus said his position as the GOP front-runner is a "f---ing nightmare," and said she plans to move out of the country if he wins. George Clooney said he's a "xenophobic fascist."

Yes, many celebrities have already slammed Donald Trump pretty hard, but that doesn't mean it's not funny when Judd Apatow, comedy king and queenmaker, and director of films like Trainwreck and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, does it. 

Variety reports that during a stand-up comedy set at South by Southwest, Apatow went off on Trump.

“Is the Trump thing scaring you?” asked Apatow before continuing on. “He’s kind of like the psycho girl on ‘The Bachelor’ that you don’t want to get kicked out too soon, because she might have sex with somebody in the ocean,” Apatow said. “But it’s time he doesn’t get the rose.” The sentiment was met with roars of laughter at the Paramount Theatre in Austin.

Apatow also pointed out that he wrote President Obama's Trump jokes for the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner that went down the same night that Osama bin Laden.

“The president humiliated him, and I wrote those jokes,” Apatow said. “I was very proud of it. And I found out later that the night he did those jokes, he also killed (Osama) bin Laden.” Apatow took a moment to reflect on what that meant: “I kind of felt like I killed bin Laden,” he said. “What if my jokes bombed? He might have said, ‘I’m not feeling it tonight.’”

While Apatow is the latest celeb to slam Trump, there are still plenty who are supporting him, too. Among them: Azealia Banks, Tom Brady, Mike Tyson and Nick Carter.