What was supposed to be the comeback kid is now the drop out kid. As Donald Trump would call him, “Little” Marco Rubio has ended his campaign for president. Rubio made the surprising announcement Tuesday night after primary results were revealed. He failed to win his home state of Florida, coming in behind Trump. 

Rubio ends his campaign less than two weeks after retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson announced he was suspending his “grassroots” campaign. Just one week later Carson would endorse Trump calling him “very intelligent.” And gathering from his latest announcement it appears Rubio won’t endorse Trump like Carson and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have.

Rubio addressed his supporters in a Miami rally saying, “While we are on the right side, this year, we are not on the winning side." He then went on to take a dig at Trump adding,"The politics of resentment against other people won't just leave us as a fractured party, they're going to leave us as a fractured nation.”

At the last GOP debate, Rubio, as well as Ted Cruz, agreed they’d support whoever it was (definitely Trump) that became the GOP nominee. Days later Rubio would say otherwise, recently condemning Trump for inciting violent behavior, especially after 32 arrests were made at a St. Louis rally on Friday and after a Chicago rally was shut down for safety reasons on Friday night.