Watch Don Cheadle and Saoirse Ronan Slay at "Catchphrase" on 'Jimmy Fallon'

It was intense.

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Usually, it’s all fun and games when a celebrity guest appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. For instance, Jake Gyllanhaal could barely make it through a satirical sketch in which he and Fallon spat food and beverages in each other’s faces, and Cuba Gooding Jr. had jolly fun time dressing up as a cowboy.

This time around, things were more intense as Don Cheadle and Saoirse Ronan took part in a quick-paced game of "Catchphrase." Unlike Hugh Jackman, who relied on some unintentionally sexual hip and hand thrusting to mime "Go with the Flow," the actors were actually really good at this. Obviously, they'd be the ones to call on game night.

In addition to their masterful gaming skills, the sharp players have also seen their fair share of critical acclaim for acting. Cheadle was nominated for an Academy Award for his lead role in Hotel Rwanda, while Ronan earned a nod for Atonement and more recently, Brooklyn.

Cheadle will soon be seen in the upcoming emotional horror flickCaptain America: Civil War, which is definitely not rated R but will be hella long and feature several post-credit scenes

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