Watch Hugh Jackman Fail Miserably at Miming “Go With the Flow” on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

“Just ride...”

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If X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t enough ammo for Deadpool, Hugh Jackman’s awesomely terrible miming skills just might do the trick. The Aussie actor appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a rousing game of "Catchphrase" with partner, Kingsman: The Secret Service’sTaron Egerton. We’re guessing his Marvel BFF Ryan Reynolds wasn’t up for the task (or too busy making hysterical parodies of Kanye West’s SNL rant).

While they worked well together for most of the game, things to a nosedive when they got to the phrase "Go with the flow." For some reason, Jackman felt that motioning with his hands toward his crotch would be the perfect indication of something flowing and not at all distracting… or sexual. Egerton never figured it out, thus losing the game, but it was the audience who won because we get wonderful screencaps like the ones below.

Fallon is no stranger to games or funny skits. He recently enlisted Demi Lovato for the game "Wheel of Musical Impressions" during which she impersonated Fetty Wap singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." He also brought out Jennifer Lopez for another episode of the totally real Teen Nick series Ew! 

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