Jennifer Garner Held Frozen Balloons and Cuba Gooding Jr. Was an Eccentric Cowboy on 'Jimmy Fallon'

It got weird.

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With each new ridiculous game, Jimmy Fallon dares his celebrity guests to be that much bolder and tap into their shameless side. If singing awkward first text exchanges with Gwyneth Paltrow and convincing Taraji P. Henson to act out weird phone scenarios as Cookie Lyon weren’t enough, the comedian just enlisted Jennifer Garner and Cuba Gooding Jr. for his latest skit.

This time around, the actors were asked to participate in a rousing game of Truth or Door—a unique twist on the childhood classic, Truth or Dare. Players had the choice of answering a personal question and performing a dare hidden behind a door of their choosing. Gooding, fresh off his odd phone-eating interview, opted for the dare which asked him to dress up like a cowboy. Let’s just say, he was pretty enthusiastic about out. Garner also picked a dare, which saw her holding frozen balloons because why not.

After refusing to detail the night he lost his virginity, Fallon went with the dare as well and allowed the other participants to paint his face. Check out the video above to see two perfectly creative adults waste an awesome opportunity to draw phallic figures on another person’s face. 

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