Disney Disappoints Us All, Says it Has No Plans to Make R-Rated Marvel Films

Looks like it's all good, clean fun over at Disney.

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Deadpool wasn't the first R-rated action comedy, but it was one of the first R-rated superhero films, and whatever Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox did, it worked. The film is now set to hit an R-rated box office record, possibly outpacing Passion of the Christ as the top-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Fans responded to the brutal action scenes and Reynolds' crass jokes so well that it's rumored the upcoming Suicide Squad and Wolverine films are also gunning for R-ratings, just to make things interesting. But if there's one studio that's sticking to good, clean fun, it's Disney.

According to Comics Alliance, Disney chairman Bob Iger addressed the idea "during an investor call" when he said, succinctly, "we don't have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies." What a buzzkill. Although Iger's stance isn't surprising given Disney's family-friendly reputation, it is a little disappointing for those of us hoping to see straight-edge Steve Rodgers let loose a little bit in Captain America: Civil War. But the studio seems confident its PG-13 ratings will be enough to rake in the crowds, and who are we to argue—the Marvel formula works.

But from the looks of things Disney will be one of the few studios taking a PG-13 approach; even Warner Bros.' seems to be hopping on the R-rated bandwagon. The studio announced its upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will get a special R-rated alternate cut—the rating will be ratcheted up due to "sequence of violence." Money talks, and there's no question Deadpool's ridiculous profit margin will have an effect on dozens of superhero sequels to come.

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