Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon Play Disgustingly Funny Cops on 'The Tonight Show'

Things got messy.

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Jake Gyllenhaal has come a long way since his Donnie Darko days. He dabbled in sci-fi with The Day After Tomorrow, romantic comedies with Love & Other Drugs, war dramas with Jarhead and even boxing with 2015’s Southpaw. His latest role, however, might have you looking at him differently.

The actor teamed up with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for a parody of '80s cop procedural shows. The thing is, there wasn’t a lot of procedure to the sketch. Set in a series of clips spread over eight minutes, the duo pretended to be cops at the Point Pleasant Police Department and that seems to be the only plot point given. The rest of the sketch features them spitting food and beverages in each other’s faces while speaking because we are all toddlers at heart and this is pure comedy.

This isn’t Fallon’s first go at making celebrities do weird things for our amusement. The late night host recently had Cuba Gooding Jr. dress up as a cowboy for a segment called "Truth or Door," andGwyneth Paltrow sang about some very awkward first text exchanges meant to be romantic. 

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