Oregon School Shooter Sent a Message to Police Before Turning a Gun on Himself

Police also reportedly found a pages-long manifesto.

After Christopher Harper-Mercer’s shooting rampage at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College that killed nine and injured several others last Thursday, many questioned how this could happen again, and President Obama and Stephan Colbert made it known they were fed up with mass shootings. While we may actually get the answer to those questions, it doesn’t matter because it seems the thing Harper-Mercer craved most was attention.

This is what he did before he died: According to Gawker, the father of a student who witnessed the slayings says Harper-Mercer gave one student, whom he called the “lucky one,” a backpack to deliver to the police. “Don’t worry, you’re the one who is going to survive,” the shooter allegedly told Pastor Randy Scroggins’s daughter. It supposedly contained “all the information that you’ll need. Give it to the police.” The Associated Press confirmed this report through other survivor accounts.

Police haven’t revealed whether or not they received anything from him, but are said to have found his pages-long manifesto. If confirmed and ultimately released, this would certainly keep his name at the forefront of conversation and give him exactly what he wants—fame.

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