'Infinity War' Directors Defend Star-Lord's Controversial Actions

If you have seen Avengers: Infinity War, you are familiar with a particular moment that has sparked some major outrage from fans.


If you have seen Avengers: Infinity War (stop reading now if you have not), you are familiar with a particular moment with Star-Lord that has sparked some major outrage from fans.

Star-Lord made one very impulsive decision that more or less cost the Avengers the battle, right before the team almost retrieved the Gauntlet from Thanos. Many fans blamed him for the unfortunate series of events that came after. According to CBR, some fans have gone as far as calling Star-Lord the biggest ally Thanos had in the film. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo disagree with this sentiment and have spoken out in the Guardian's defense.

The Russo brothers spoke with HuffPost and Joe cited the troubled past of the Guardian, whose mother died of cancer during his childhood. After her passing, he was raised by pirates and forced to kill his own father to avenge his mother's death. As if there wasn't enough tragedy in his life, Star-Lord had to face then the loss of the woman he loved. Joe said, "His girlfriend, who he was in love with, was murdered by another corrupt paternal figure … He made a very emotional choice."

Anthony added that Gamora’s death allowed for his emotions to get the better of him, and even Thor made a similar error during the battle.

The Marvel characters were designed to be relatable figures with emotionally-charged actions and mistakes. "They make very human choices," explained Joe. "I think if we learn anything from the narrative is to put yourself inside the POV of someone — or the character itself — you should be able to empathize with that character, understand the choices that they make."

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