Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explores the Realities of Adulthood in this 'Mr. Corman' Exclusive Clip

Gordon-Levitt is exploring the realities of adulthood and regret in his new Apple TV+ series 'Mr. Corman,' which also stars Bobby Hall, aka Logic.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is exploring the realities of adulthood and the feeling of regret that comes with living with unfulfilled dreams in his new Apple TV+ series Mr. Corman. Gordon-Levitt created, directed, and is starring in the original comedy series, which follows the mundane life of Josh Corman (played by the Emmy-winning actor), whose career in music didn’t quite take off and he is now teaching fifth grade at a public school in the San Fernando Valley in California.

Mr Corman Apple

Josh is coming to grips with his high school friend Victor having to move in after his ex-fiancé, Megan, moved out. The character finds himself trying to stay afloat as he deals with anxiety, loneliness, and the feeling of falling behind. While the show might feel dark at times, it is funny, relatable, and something many people are facing as they deal with the downsides of growing up. Seeing a male character struggle to figure out how to take care of himself and his mental health is not something we see often on TV, and Gordon-Levitt takes on the task of playing this character in a way that’s genuine, endearing, and also frustrating at times. 

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The show also stars Arturo Castro, Debra Winger, Bobby Hall aka Logic, Alexander Jo, Juno Temple, Jamie Chung, Shannon Woodward, and Hector Hernandez. The series is produced by A24. Check out this exclusive clip featuring Gordon-Levitt and Castro’s characters, who are roommates, as they try to find solutions for Josh’s anxiety, which in this case is a human version of a weighted blanket. The series’ first two episodes debut globally on Friday, August 6, on Apple TV+, and then one new episode will be released weekly on Fridays. 

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