Here's Jeff Goldblum Being Jeff Goldblum in Deleted 'Thor: Ragnarok' Scene

'Thor: Ragnarok' was released on November 3, 2017.

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Marvel has graced us with another deleted Jeff Goldblum scene from Thor: Ragnarok, and as one would hope, it’s just Jeff Goldblum being Jeff Goldblum.

There’s no way these hilarious lines could have been written in advance—Goldblum nails the act out too perfectly, and it’s pretty clear, or at least seems, he improvised the whole thing.

In the scene, the whacky Grandmaster (Goldblum) goes on a rant about “universal hand signs,” after he finds out that Thor has escaped with the Hulk. The Grandmaster then challenges Loki and Valkyrie to track down the two superheroes, and waves them off on their way, but Loki and Valkyrie don’t understand the gesture at first.

Once they leave, the Grandmaster sounds off about what various hand gestures mean. Co-star Rachel House, who plays the Grandmaster’s henchwoman and bodyguard Topaz, rolls with the absurd punches like a champ, and the result is comedy gold(blum).

At one point, the Grandmaster tries to deliver the universal hand gesture for “Can I get the check?” which Topaz confuses for, “I’d like dessert.” Lolz.

Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

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