Tom Holland on Zendaya Sending Him ‘Hundreds and Hundreds’ of Memes: ‘It’s Intense’

The 'Crowded Room' star says he struggles to keep up with his girlfriend's "nonstop" meme-sharing.

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Couples who meme together stay together? Zendaya may be on to something.

In a new sit-down with BuzzFeed, the actress’ longtime beau, Tom Holland, was challenged to answer 30 random questions as fast as possible. “Back with BuzzFeed…and there’s no puppies,” the British-born actor jokingly said, referring to his viral 2022 Puppy Interview.

Despite his mild disappointment, Holland handled the segment like a pro. He fielded questions about his breakfast, what he's watching, what song puts him in a good mood, and his latest film, The Crowded Room.

At the 2:45 mark above, the 27-year-old was asked to name the last person he sent a meme to. 

“Zendaya,” he quickly answered, before revealing his girlfriend’s spammy habit. “It’s nonstop. She sends me too much. It’s like, I can’t keep up because I delete my Instagram for days at a time. I download it to post, and then I have to check my messages and I’ll have hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of things from her. And I try and keep up, but it’s intense.”

Elsewhere in the video, Holland was asked to “pick one [Marvel Cinematic Universe] co-star to be stranded on a deserted island with.” The actor didn’t hesitate to name his MCU mentor, Iron Man/Tony Stark actor Robert Downey Jr. 

“Probably Downey. We’d have a good time,” he said at the 2:17 mark. “He’d figure out a good way to survive. He’s invested a lot into machines that can generate fresh water from thin air, and stuff like that. He’s doing all the right things. So if he could bring one of those machines with him, I think he’d be pretty good.”

You can check out Holland’s full BuzzFeed interview above. 

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