You People cast member Andrew Schulz alleges the wedding sequence where Jonah Hill and Lauren London kiss was done using CGI.

“There’s a hilarious thing, I don’t even know if I should share this shit, but the final scene, they don’t even kiss. It’s CGI. Swear to god, son,” Schulz said on the Brilliant Idiots podcast, which the comedian co-hosts with Charlamagne tha God.

He continued near the 9:30 mark below, “I’m there, I’m watching the wedding, and I see them go in for the kiss, and their faces stop like this far. And I’m like, ‘I wonder how they’re going to play that in the movie. Oh, they’re probably just gonna cut right there.’ But the movie, you can see their faces come close, and then you can see their faces morph a little bit into a fake kiss.” 

Here’s the You People moment in question: 

Netflix subscribers can judge for themselves shortly after the 1:48:00 mark of the Kenya Barris-directed feature, which the black-ish creator co-wrote with two-time Oscar-nominee Hill.

Schulz’s claim comes after guest DJ Nyla Symone brought up the online debate surrounding the likelihood of Hill and London’s characters dating in real life. “Fuck no! That’s the most unrealistic shit…that’s why it’s in a movie, I said this should be a science fiction film,” Schulz jokingly responded. “There’s no fucking way in any world that Lauren London dates Jonah Hill.” 

According to Variety, You People debuted atop Netflix’s top 10 movies shortly after its premiere with 55.65 million hours viewed late last month.