'WandaVision' Surpasses 'The Mandalorian' as the Most Pirated TV Series of 2021

The Disney+ limited series 'WandaVision' has been named the most pirated TV show of 2021, overtaking the crown held by 'The Mandalorian' last year.

A 'WandaVision' billboard.

General view of a billboard above the El Capitan Entertainment Centre promoting the upcoming season of the Disney+ Marvel Studios flagship show 'WandaVision.'

A 'WandaVision' billboard.

The Mandalorian has been overtaken by another Disney+ show for the unenviable crown as this year’s most pirated series.

According to TorrentFreak, WandaVision stands atop the pack, with three other Marvel titles assuming the top five. Loki finished second, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came in fourth, and Hawkeye landed in fifth. The only non-Disney+ show is Netflix’s The Witcher at No. 3. 

“Our calculations are based on single episodes which means that season packs are underrepresented which disadvantages series that are released in one go,” the site explained. “Based on rough calculations, Netflix’s Casa de Papel could taken the 5th spot. Squid Game would have made it into the top 10 as well. We will do our best to reflect this correctly in future lists.” 

The dominance of Disney+ on the list comes after Varietyreported last month that the streaming service would fall well below Wall Street expectations, gaining only 2.1 million customers when forecasts sat at around 10 million. Disney CEO Bob Chapek warned of a slowdown in subscriber growth due to COVID-related production delays limiting the streamer’s ability to churn out new titles. 

Filling out the rest of the top 10 is yet another Disney+ title in What If…? at No. 6, followed by the Apple TV+ series Foundation, based off the novels by Isaac Asimov, and the lone cable show, Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. The ninth spot is held down by Netflix’s Arcane and at No. 10 is the lone Amazon Prime Video property in The Wheel of Time.

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