Chris Hemsworth on 'Thor: The Dark World' Being 'Meh': 'We Were Right on the Edge'

Hemsworth got candid about his previous ‘Thor’ films in a ‘GQ’ profile, especially the franchise’s second installment ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ which he calls “meh.”

According to some, Thor: The Dark World wasn’t all that good. It was one of the few misses in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s run with a generous 66 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, based on box office numbers, Dark World was still a commercial success, pulling in over $644 million worldwide. 

Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor oddly decided to implement a darker feel to the franchise, a stark difference from the light-hearted approach taken by Taika Waititi with Ragnarok. When Waititi clearly struck the right tone with how to portray Thor, Avengers: Infinity War crafted the perfect marriage by allowing himself to work alongside the more playful characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, and it worked wonderfully.  

With the first two Thor films now in the rearview mirror, Chris Hemsworth provided an honest assessment in his GQprofile of those projects which led to the character finding his personality, and truly coming into his own in Ragnarok. "The first one is good, the second one is meh. What masculinity was, the classic archetype - it just all starts to feel very familiar," Hemsworth said. "I was so aware that we were right on the edge." The trial and error worked out in the long run for the Thor franchise, and it's exciting to see where he can take the role down the road. That is, of course, depending on how the next Avengers film turns out. 

Head here to read Hemsworth's GQ profile in full. 

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