See 'A Quiet Place’ and ‘The Office’ Combined Into a Horrifying Trailer

If you thought ‘A Quiet Place’ was scary, just wait until you see ‘A Dwight Place.'

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Regardless of how scary you thought A Quiet Place was, it doesn’t come close to the terrifying experience that is watching the trailer for A Dwight Place. Created by Media Muse, the clip ties together scenes from the 2018 film written and directed by John Krasinski with elements from NBC comedy The Office, where the actor played Jim Halpert.

The trailer opens with sharp cuts of news stories hinting at the backstory of A Quiet Place before showing Krasinski, as Halpert, raising a notepad to the camera saying, “We’re on the longest silent streak in office history!” The scene, which is taken from the episode “Trivia,” matches up perfectly with the plot of A Quiet Place, where the characters must stay hushed to ensure their survival. The streak is eventually broken by Kevin Malone and his candy bars.

The trailer cuts back and forth between Quiet Place and Office scenes, some featuring the memorable Mose Schrute. Mose is Dwight’s cousin who would help haze new Dunder-Mifflin employees. (Played by Parks and Recreation/The Good Place creator Mike Schur.)

We've already told you too much about what you should expect. The fun is seeing this near perfect marriage all unfold before your eyes. Go ahead and take a look at the trailer. Make sure you stay until the very end to get the final stirring shot of Dwight. Then go enjoy the official Office YouTube's Making a Murderer x Scranton Strangler mash-up.

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