One-Third of Black Kids Are Arrested Each Year in Madison, Wis.

The state itself has the second highest arrest rate for black kids in the country.

Image via Flickr/Jordan Richmond

Police in Madison, Wis., an overwhelmingly white city, are arresting nearly a third of black children every year. In 2013, police arrested 1,000 kids who were black between the ages of 10 and 17, out of a total population of 3,247, according to the Census. Black children are arrested at a rate 14 times higher than white children, as well, Raw Story reports.  

Christina Constantini, an investigative reporter for Fusion, wrote about Madison in an article, shining a light on the gross disparities in quality of life between black and white children in the city. She interviewed more than two-dozen black teenagers in the city, each with their own story of being “unfairly targeted by the police.”

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