Woman Who Fell From Cruise Ship Was Not Attempting Suicide

Rather, she suspects her boyfriend of pushing her off the ship.

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In a typical whodunit situation an Italian woman who went into a comma after falling from a cruise ship claims that she was not, in fact, trying to commit suicide, but rather that she had been pushed. Laura Stuardo told police that the last thing she remembers was falling and screaming from the balcony of her room, which she was sharing with her boyfriend, Giovanni Pia, Jezebel reports. “I don’t know if he pushed me,” Stuardo told a local paper in Turin, where she lives, “but I certainly didn’t want to commit suicide.”

According to The Washington Post Pia has a history of being abusive and the couple went on vacation to patch up their relationship. Stuardo’s fall, it has been said, occurred right after the pair had a fight while the boat was docked in Norway.

Understandably, Stuardo is refusing visits from Pia and her ex-husband has also asked that he be kept away from her as she recuperates from her injuries. 

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