Sean Penn Says He’ll Never Have His 'Heart Broken by Romance Again’ and Is ‘Thrilled’ to Be Single

The two-time Academy Award winner has been married three times.

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After three marriages, which all ended in divorce, Sean Penn is loving the single life.

While speaking to The New York Times, the 63-year-old two-time Academy Award winner said he was done being visited by "the trauma gods" that come with being in love.

"I look at my dogs and say, ‘Hey, it’s us again,'" the actor joked.

Penn, who's been married to pop icon Madonna and actresses Robin Wright and Leila George, admitted that he's been in past relationships where "the first thing I see in the morning are eyes wondering what I’m going to do to make them happy that day. Rarely reciprocated."

“On one of my marriages, the background noise of life was a Housewives of Beverly Hills or another thing called Love Island," Penn explained. “Not even being in the room—I’m not saying this to be cute—I was dying. I felt my heart, my brain shrinking. It was an assault.”

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Penn went on to describe his "friends in the female department," who he called "beautiful, wonderful people, wonderful with their partners or wonderful on their own."

While being a father to two adult children, Dylan Frances, 33, and Hopper Jack, 30, Penn confirmed that he's not in a serious relationship and is "thrilled every day" about not being tied down.

"I’m just free," he said. "If I’m going to be in a relationship, I’m still going to be free, or I’m not going to be in it, and I’m not going to be hurting. I don’t sense I’ll have my heart broken by romance again."

The Gonzo Girl star also touched on allegations of assaulting Madonna with a baseball bat, which both have denied.

"I had a freaking SWAT team come into my house," he said.

“I said: ‘I’m not coming out. I’m going to finish my breakfast.’ The next thing I knew, windows were being broken all around the house and they came in," Penn recalled, adding that “they had me in handcuffs."

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