Yum…? Rubi Rose Made Druski Some Spaghetti With Ketchup and People Are Disgusted

The rapper and model posted her interesting concoction online, prompting swift criticism of her culinary skills.

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While the relationship between influencers Druski and Rubi Rose appears to be going strong, a recent dish that Rose whipped up for her man is drawing criticism from some foodies online.

On Tuesday night, Rose filmed herself cooking spaghetti for Druski. While spaghetti is typically not a controversial dish, her take on the classic recipe left many scratching their heads. In the video she posted online, Rose squeezes a bottle of Heinz Ketchup into a pan filled with ground beef to make her spaghetti sauce. 

"Yum...Spaghetti Night," the caption on her Instagram Stories read. 

In response, folks online quickly shared their disgust at Rose’s recipe. 

“KETCHUP??? Lock her up officer,” one X user wrote. 

Rubi Rose made spaghetti for Druski 💀


— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) May 21, 2024
Twitter: @mymixtapez

While Druski and Rose made their relationship official late last month, the Coulda Been House star was already familiar with his girlfriend's cooking skills, as Rose was once a guest on his In the Kitchen web series. In the episode, which premiered last July, Rose made an Injera dish native to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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Druski has previously poked fun at Rose's cooking skills, once reacting to her homemade breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and uncooked cinnamon rolls with a "SMH" caption on his Instagram Stories.

"Holy fuck," he said in reaction to the meal, shown in the video linked below. While Rose tried to explain how she cooked the breakfast, Druski remained distraught over the dish.

"Ew. There's a lash in these. Nothing's cooked,” he added. 

Perhaps the only thing stronger than Druski’s love is his digestive system.

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