Marvel Fans React to ‘Euphoria’ Star Colman Domingo Potentially Taking Over Jonathan Majors' Kang Role

Marvel Studios is rumored to be circling the 'Color Purple' actor as its new Kang the Conqueror.

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Colman Domingo is allegedly Marvel's frontrunner as a replacement for Kang the Conqueror.

Last month, original actor Jonathan Majors was officially dropped by the studio shortly after he was found guilty of assaulting and harassing his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. His sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 6.

Now writer and film insider Daniel Richtman claims that Domingo is being eyed to take over the pivotal Kang role. In 2022, the Emmy-winning Euphoria star showed interest in being part of Marvel or DC's cinematic universes, ideally as a villain.

"When it comes to Marvel and DC, I'm like, 'I think I'm ready now.' I'm worked out, fit, I think I want to play a villain," the 54-year-old told AwardsWatch. "I just want to be the villain. I don't want to be the good guy. I actually want to do some really nasty, dirty work."

This was 2 years ago. Yea sign Colman Domingo up for Kang expeditiously.

Via @awards_watch

Full video:

— It Was All a Dream, I Used to Read Wizard Magazine (@UpToTASK) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @UpToTASK

The 54-year-old had a jam-packed 2023, lending his voice to Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, along with starring in live-action films Sing Sing, The Color Purple, and Rustin, which earned him a Best Actor nomination for the upcoming Golden Globes. He takes his work seriously, having revealed that on Euphoria, "I may put myself through my own rehearsals of 30–50 hours for a few scenes.”

Majors made his MCU debut as He Who Remains in 2021's Loki Season 1, followed by his proper introduction as Kang in last year's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and, as yet another variant, throughout the second Loki season. Scenes from the Disney+ series had already been filmed before the actor's arrest last March. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is reportedly now being referred to internally as simply Avengers 5.

Majors has been dropped from other film projects, like music biopic Otis and Zelma and The Man in My Basement, along with his former management and PR companies. Originally scheduled for last month, Majors' bodybuilding drama Magazine Dreams has been pulled from Disney's release schedule.

Social media users immediately had something to say about the Colman Domingo rumor, with some praising the potential Kang recasting and others on the fence about him joining the MCU. See a bunch of reactions below.

he would eat but also like stay away from him

— َ (@ungodlywests) January 1, 2024
Twitter: @ungodlywests

Nah he be acting ..and has range . I am with it

— Antoine Hardy (@Slangdini) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @Slangdini

Colman Domingo as Kang would have me instantly bought back in.

Colman is an exceptional human and talent, in my experiences. He is so versatile as an actor. No better choice and I hope this is true.

— BD (@BrandonDavisBD) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @BrandonDavisBD

if this is true the mcu will win me over again because colman domingo as a villain is absolutely flawless and e everyone deserves to see it (i have in fact loved every second of ftwd s7 because of him)

— gaia (@lovemehow_) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @lovemehow_

Kang character might be saved after all 🤔

Big fan of Domingo

— Ayo T Adebayo (@FrequencyAyo) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @FrequencyAyo

Colman Domingo (ROTB Unicron) highly considered for MCU KANG?! This apparently has some STEAM too! 👀🔥

This would be a KILLER decision. He does a great job encapsulating antagonist roles, and have actually expressed his interest in diving into more villains in the future. Not…

— The Alfonso Nation (@AlfonsoNation) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @AlfonsoNation

I’m very much done with Kang but if this rumor is true I’ll support this decision with every single atom of my body. No better actor working right now than Colman Domingo.

— Tom Soares (@tommyverse) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @tommyverse

Definitely way more terrifying

— J (@Bjant96) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @Bjant96

Plus: Colman Domingo is truly one of the best actors we have. Absolutely magnetic on screen.

Con: I really don't care about this Kang/multiverse storyline anymore. Not saying they can't change it up to make it interesting, but eh

— William E. Ketchum III (@WEKetchum) January 2, 2024
Twitter: @WEKetchum

No idea if this is true but @colmandomingo would be a perfect Kang

— Johnny O'Dell (@JohnnyODell) January 1, 2024
Twitter: @JohnnyODell

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