Cam’ron Slams Caitlyn Jenner for Comment About O.J. Simpson’s Death: ‘You Ain’t Princess Diana’

On the latest episode of 'It Is What It Is,' Killa Cam had some heat for Caitlyn Jenner for her dismissive comment following Simpson's death.

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Cam'Ron didn't take kindly to Caitlyn Jenner's "good riddance" comment about O.J. Simpson's passing.

On the latest episode of podcast It Is What It Is–where co-hosts Cam, Mase and Treasure "Stat Baby" Wilson were joined by former professional football player Maurice Clarett–Cam criticized Jenner, even pointing to her involvement in a fatal car accident. Sticking up for the former guest of his show, Cam'Ron swiftly called out Jenner, like others had done on social media.

"Every clip that I seen yesterday or today or whenever was [of] the n***a in court and he won the case," Cam said around the 19:30 mark of the video above. “I seen motherfucking Caitlyn Jenner write some shit—‘Good riddance.’ Caitlyn Jenner, you killed n**as in Calabasas [while] talking ’bout paparazzi was chasing you."

He continued, "And you was Bruce! Nothing to do with transgender shit or nothing like that, but I’m just trying to say the paparazzi wasn’t on Bruce to where you had to be running to kill n***as. You ain’t Princess Di[ana], n***a. The fuck you mean the paparazzi was on you, n***a?”

"You killed n***as and you paid n***as $800,000 because you was wrong. If you wasn’t wrong, you would’ve fought it. You killed n***as, admitted to killing n***as and then paid n***as because you killed n***as."

Cam was referring to Jenner's involvement in a 2015 car accident that left one person dead. As others pointed it out, Jenner defended herself, saying that there was no comparison to the accident and Simpson allegedly killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, although he was found not guilty. Cam'Ron has been outspoken about Simpson's previous It Is What It Is appearances, supporting the 1995 verdict.

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