Bobb'e J. Thompson Says Tracy Morgan Snatched Him Up and Cursed Him Out When He Was 7

On the web series 'Comedy Hype,' Thompson recalled that he was aggressively disciplined while he was on 'The Tracy Morgan Show.'

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Comedian Bobb'e J. Thompson revealed that he was once disciplined by Tracy Morgan as a child, an experience that has since traumatized him.

Thompson was a recent guest on the web series Comedy Hype, where he alluded to Morgan, who played his father on 2000s sitcom The Tracy Morgan Show.

"I remember being a kid, bro, on a certain set, bro, and the star of this certain project that I was working on, the n***a got mad at me," Thompson said. "I'm just a 7-year-old kid just doing my job, bro. He got mad at me, bro, grabbed me by my collar, and was like, 'Who the fuck is on that sign, my n***a?' That's how he handled me."

He continued, "Stop getting in these scenes and hamming it up," adding that Morgan, who's name he still didn't specify, would get mad at him if he made a certain facial expression.

"But then, this name n***a turned around and did an interview and acted like it was all good, like, 'Oh yeah, if he's stealing a scene, then that's what it should be. I only want the best,'" Thompson said. "But, n***a, that's cap, that ain't the truth, that ain't how you felt for real, because you took me, as a 7-year-old child, and made me feel bad for doing my job well."

Thonmpson explained that the "only thing" he was doing "was doing what I was learning from you, my n***a. That's the cold part."

Comedian Bobb'e J. Thompson says Tracy Morgan snatched him by his collar when he was a 7 year old kid and cursed him out for stealing scenes when he was on "The Tracy Morgan Show."

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Adding that he "gave enough context" for viewers to figure out who the person was, Thompson said that the experience "messed me up."

"I'm 7 years old and this person... Everything that I'm doing, I'm doing it because I'm watching you, I'm learning from you. And I think I'm doing something right," he said.

Towards the end of the segment, Thompson confirmed that the person was Morgan with a chuckle, before saying, "I ain't ducking nothin'. Yeah, it's Tracy Morgan."

On The Tracy Morgan Show, which lasted for one season from 2003 to 2004, Thompson played the actor-comedian's youngest son, Jimmy Mitchell. After acting on shows like Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, which Thompson admitted he was fired from for his unruly behavior on set, he now stars on Wild 'n Out.

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