Aoki Lee Simmons Blasts Lipstick Alley, Accuses Users of Sending Her Ex-Boyfriend Pictures of His Deceased Father

On Instagram Live, the model and Harvard graduate shared her hatred for online chat forum Lipstick Alley.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images for Android

In a recent Instagram Live, Aoki Lee Simmons trashed the online chat forum Lipstick Alley with disturbing claims.

On Friday, news circulated that the 21-year-old is dating multi-millionaire restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, 65. The revelation caused such an uproar on social media that Simmons' parents, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons were targeted, in addition to an ex-boyfriend of the model and Harvard graduate.

Aoki responded to the reactions about her dating Assaf in an Instagram Live, where she explained that being attacked on the internet was nothing new for her.

"The amount of shit that I've seen about myself on YouTube used to make me cry. Now I just don't look at it," she said in the clip below.

Simmons proceeded to criticize Lipstick Alley, which she called "hell."

"Lipstick Alley is the worst of our community," she continued. "If you do not agree, that's some bullshit. Lipstick Alley is where Black excellence goes to die. I hate to tell you that. I hate to say it. But Lipstick Alley is hell."

She then shared a disturbing accusation against users of the "hellhole" Lipstick Alley.

"They literally found my ex-boyfriend's dead father and started sending him pictures of his passed away father. Like, delulu," she explained.

Simmons didn't specify who the ex-boyfriend was, or how the matter was resolved. Elsewhere in the live, she also acknowledged the outrage over photos of her and Assaf that went viral.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is now a Lipstick Alley forum discussing Aoki's accusation.

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