Sean Evans Competes in a $10 Bodega Challenge with Wiki and Your Old Droog

Sean Evans competes in a $10 bodega challenge with rappers Wiki and Your Old Droog.

Few institutions are more synonymous with life in NYC than the local neighborhood bodega. From snacks and sandwiches to blunt wraps and laundry detergent, chances are the store on your block has it all.

As a Chicago native, Sean Evans is a relative newcomer to the Vienna sausage-stacked aisles of the bodega. In the hopes of understanding NYC's most enigmatic marketplace, Sean enlisted the help of Wiki and Your Old Droog: two of the city's fastest-rising MCs.

Together, Wiki and Droog break down the bodega dos and don'ts, examine the store's influence on New York hip-hop, and go on a luxurious $10 shopping spree. Who can make a dollar stretch the farthest on the Lower East Side? Watch the latest episode of SITW and find out.

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