Machine Gun Kelly Responds to Pete Davidson Impersonating Him on 'SNL' Again

Machine Gun Kelly took to social media to respond to Pete Davidson impersonating him during a 'Saturday Night Live' skit on the show's latest episode.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davdison

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Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davdison

In the most recent episode of Saturday Night LivePete Davidson impersonated his good friend Machine Gun Kelly yet again, and the skit elicited a response from the artist. 

Kelly took to IG to repost a clip from the episode on Monday and wrote, “Pete you know damn well i don’t talk like that.”


On Sunday, Kelly responded to the skit on Twitter.

i think it’s time for me to come on the show as Pete @nbcsnl

— blonde don (@machinegunkelly) October 10, 2021

“i think it’s time for me to come on the show as Pete,” Kelly tweeted in response to the skit of Pete and Chloe Fineman playing him and Megan Fox alongside host Kim Kardashian. The comment was made in jest, but Kelly and Fox have been in the news lately regarding their relationship

On Monday, Machine Gun Kelly and Fox appeared on the cover of British GQ Style’s Autumn/Winter issue where the two talked about the ins and outs of their relationship.

“I don’t remember your face… And I definitely would have remembered his face,” Fox said in the interview of meeting MGK. “I just remember this tall, blond, ghostly creature and I looked up and I was like, ‘You smell like weed.’ He looked down at me and he was like, ‘I am weed.’ Then, I swear to God, he disappeared like a ninja in a smoke bomb.”

“She’s helped me realize that you can’t bury trauma,” MGK said elsewhere in the interview of Fox. “No one knows anything about me. They don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes with my childhood and with everything that my body has stored in itself.”

“This is a very intense relationship,” Fox added. “Our souls chose this to absolutely have to face our shadow selves; to face things about ourselves we didn’t want to have to know, that we tried to push away.”

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