Keanu Reeves Chooses Between Being John Wick or Neo in Real Life

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Priyanka Chopra joined 'Red Table Talk' to discuss the new 'Matrix' movie, which hits theaters on December 22.

Keanu Reeves has become notorious for playing some of the coolest characters on the silver screen, and on the special 100th episode of Red Table Talkthe legendary actor reunited with Matrix castmate Carrie-Anne Moss and newcomer Priyanka Chopra to discuss The Matrix: Resurrections and answer the all-encompassing question: Who would he rather be? Neo or John Wick.

“My question is would you rather be John Wick or Neo in real life, and why?” a fan asked around the 16:22-mark of the video above.

“Lots of ways to go at that,” Reeves begins, looking slightly puzzled. “Because we’re here speaking about Resurrections and Matrix Resurrections, I think–and I don’t think John Wick would mind. I think he’d understand. But I think to be able to be with Trinity and have that life with them together and see what would happen– I think John Wick would be like ‘I got your back.’” 

While Reeves acknowledged that he would rather be Neo, he also recognized that this version of the character is different from the one fans last saw 18 years ago in The Matrix Revolutions. When speaking with Uproxx recently, the actor said that he thinks that his character of Thomas Anderson is the same in some core ways, but more mature now.

“Doubting Thomas.” Reeves explained. }He’s still doubting Thomas. It’s just an older, more experienced doubting Thomas.”

He went on to say that he believes Resurrections to be a “dynamic inverse” of the original trilogy. We’ll find out exactly what he means when the film hits heaters on December 22. 

Watch Reeves’ appearance on Red Table Talk above. 

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