'A Quiet Place' Video Game Adaptation Is in the Works

It has been announced that Paramount Pictures' successful 'A Quiet Place' franchise is about to receive a video game adaption sometime in 2022.

'A Quiet Place' movie screening.

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'A Quiet Place' movie screening.

It looks the Quiet Place universe is about to get bigger as it’s been announced that the Paramount Pictures movie is getting a video game adaptation.

According to IGN, the game is being developed by Saber Interactive, iLLOGIKA, and EP1T0ME, and will not follow the story from John Krasinski’s series of horror films. In a statement announcing the game, Saber Interactive said that it will deliver “an original story and gameplay.”

“This first official video game set in the terrifying A Quiet Place universe will deliver an original story and gameplay that captures the compelling suspense, emotion and drama for which the series is famous,” the statement reads. “The game is in development by iLLOGIKA, the Montreal-based studio with veteran talent from the Rainbow Six and Far Cry franchises, and published by Saber Interactive, the Embracer Group company behind the hit game World War Z and the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game.”

A Quiet Place came out in 2018, and its sequel in 2021, and follows a family struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic society plagued by aliens that operate solely on sound. In order to live, they must move in complete silence otherwise they’ll alert the predators and be in danger. The first film was met with positive reviews along with its sequel.

The website for the upcoming A Quiet Place game is live, and can you can check it out here. There’s no news on exactly when the game will be released, but the site says it’s slated for sometime in 2022.

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