Texas Tech Fraternity Learns "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal" Banner Was a Bad Idea

A Texas Tech fraternity is in trouble for displaying a "no means yes, yes means anal" banner.

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Oh boy. Where do we even start with this. The Texas Tech chapter of Phi Delta Theta is in deep shit for displaying a banner that read "no means yes, yes means anal." The offending banner was accompanied by a very tasteful "vagina sprinkler" (seen below) at Phi Delt's "hurricane" party. 


So first off, the rape vibes are so not cool. You don't have to be a feminist (which, uh, you should be) to realize how harmful such a message is. And second, how could anyone be this fucking dumb? This kind of thing is going to get out. It's inevitable. Did the bros of Phi Delt really think no one at the entire party would have a problem with the blatant, rape-encouraging misogyny and not do something about it?

Of course, the punishment has been swift. Phi Delt nationals has kicked out 29 members of the fraternity and has placed the chapter's charter in limbo until those who haven't been booted complete 10,000 hours of community service to rape crisis and sexual assault prevention centers. 



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