Shia LaBeouf Can Avoid Charges From His Bizarre Arrest if He Behaves for Six More Months

He's already undergone three months of treatment.

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It's hard to tell what's performance art and what's real in Shia LaBeouf's life these days, but we can assure you his bizarre arrest last summer during a Studio 54 production of Cabaret was very much a real thing with real consequences. The actor agreed to a deal to undergo three months of treatment and stay out of trouble in order to have the charges against him dismissed. Today he appeared back in court, and the judge has agreed to dismiss the charges if he's on his best behavior for another six months. 

LaBeouf told Jimmy Kimmel an entertaining version of his too-turnt night, but details from the police are more heinous. He was accused of sparring with security and police, and shouting the classic entitled line, "Do you know who the fuck I am?" during his arrest. 

Here's to hoping stays on his best behavior legally speaking and continues to act weird as fuck otherwise. 

[via NY Daily News]


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