Nic Cage's Wife of 4 Days Asks for Spousal Support in Ongoing Divorce

Cage filed for an annulment less than a week after the two got married in March.

Nic Cage
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Nic Cage

Being married for four days should be sufficient for garnering some spousal support, or at least that's what Nic Cage's ex-wife of four days is arguing.

According to TMZ, makeup artist Erika Koike filed legal documents which responded to Cage filing for an annulment in March. That annulment, in case it is not clear from that first sentence, was put together just four days after the pair had a Vegas wedding. At the time Cage stated he "reacted on impulse and without the ability to recognize or understand the full impact of his action." He also contended that the marriage was predicated on fraud.

The doomed relationship represents the fourth time that marriage has not worked out for Cage.

Anyway, Koike's legal reps responded to the Oscar winner's annulment attempt by saying that those impulsive actions don't matter. Koike also says the relationship is legit as she claims Cage asked her to start over "in the right way" less than two weeks after that paperwork was filed.

TMZ adds that she agreed that divorce is right for the pair, but that she wants spousal support. Her legal documents go on to claim that she lost career opportunities and suffered reputational damage due to the relationship and Cage's subsequent accusations.

In addition to spousal support she also wants him to pony up for legal fees.

The two had reportedly begun dating in April 2018 and gotten married on March 23, 2019. However, on the day of said marriage, they reportedly got into a heated argument shortly before exchanging vows. A source told The Daily Mailthat Cage "caused a scene" during his initial court house visit, and that he appeared to be inebriated.

Apparently that was a red flag.

"They started by filling the application in one of the machines," said a witness to The Daily Mail. "The whole time he was yelling, 'She is going to take all my money' and 'her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy.' ... The woman only kept saying, 'Baby I am not asking you to do this.'"

Cage was recently spotted doing karaoke to Prince's "Purple Rain" in L.A.'s Koreatown. He brought all the emotion.

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