Kevin Hart Recalls the Time He Pissed Off Michael Jordan by Roasting Him on Stage

Kevin Hart recalled the time he pissed off Michael Jordan by roasting him on stage at a charity event in 2011.

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Michael Jordan has been the butt of the same internet meme for years now, so you would think that he would have learned to take a joke. But that is most certainly not the case, according to a funny story Kevin Hart told on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night.

While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Hart talked about how was asked to perform at a hoity-toity event in Las Vegas once for MJ's charity. While there, he roasted MJ on stage in front of everyone at the event and touched on topics like his weak pants game and that Hitler mustache MJ had for awhile. MJ was apparently not amused. The crowd, probably following his lead, was also not amused. And it led to a really awkward encounter between Hart and Jordan later.

Here's the story Hart told to Kimmel:

I pissed Mike off. He had an event, Mike had a charity event in Las Vegas. They called me, they wanted me to host the event. So I get there to host the event, and it’s something where they’re auctioning things and, you know, it’s a real tight crowd. Very bourgeois. Everybody’s neck was really straight.

You can watch Hart's entire Kimmel appearance in the clip above.

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