Amtrak Train Hit Truck Carrying 70,000 Pounds of Bacon

An Amtrak train collided with a truck carrying 70,000 pounds of bacon.

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Well, this is weird: an Amtrak train traveling from Chicago hit a tractor-trailer that was carrying 70,000 pounds of bacon. When the Texas Eagle Train 22 collided with the tractor-trailer, the truck overturned and its precious cargo spilled out near Illinois Route 53. The Chicago Tribune reports that the tractor-trailer was blocking the tracks near southwest Wilmington.

Amtrack spokesman Craig Schulz announced that three passengers had been taken to the hospital for various injuries, and another ten were were being examined for other, more minor injuries. 

According to Newsweek, many passengers reported that they didn't realize the crash had occurred:

Others believed that the train engineer had simply been hitting the brakes. The train stalled for about 20 minutes before crew members made an announced and instructed passengers to disembark. "It was once sudden halt," said Sam Herwitz, a passenger aboard the Texas Eagle, in an interview with Tribune. 

The Texas Eagle Train 22 had been traveling from Chicago to San Antonio on Friday. It's unclear at this time what exactly the tractor-trailer was doing on the train tracks. It's also unclear how much of the bacon will be salvaged, or what the recovery efforts for that are, and if they need any volunteers.  

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