'SNL' Parodies Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze

'Saturday Night Live' is known for addressing America's hot button issues.

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Saturday Night Live, of course, had to take on the pandemonium surrounding the Popeyes chicken sandwich.  

For its "Lunch Run" skit, musical guest and host Harry Styles posed as an overachieving intern, Robert E. Lee, from the United Kingdom. Lee is willing to do anything to impress his American bosses, so he offers to celebrate the closing of a big deal by getting everyone in the office a chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

Due to his low comprehension of American culture, the intern is unaware of how dangerous this mission could be (he thinks that Popeyes is "just like KFC"). He suggests that he'll go to the nearest Popeyes by himself and buy all the sandwiches during the lunch rush.

During this conversation, the black workers become leery of the intern's potential Popeyes run. After several of Lee's responses sparked concern, Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim, and Chris Redd (who plays a building custodian) jumped in to explain to the intern why this isn't the best idea. 

"There's not many things in this country where our people get first dibs. But the Popeyes chicken sandwich, that's one of 'em," Thompson said.

Nwodim added: "Imagine I went to a Whole Foods and bought up all the those White Claw seltzers you all like?"

Watch the bit above.

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