Eminem Makes a Cameo on 'SNL' During Pete Davidson's Parody of "Stan"

The PS5 is undoubtedly on top of the Christmas list for many kids and adults moving 'SNL' to parody Marshall's hit record "Stan" into a song about the console.

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The craze surrounding Sony's PlayStation 5 might be the only feeling that rivals the love Eminem receives from his fans. As a result, Saturday Night Live found it fitting to parody Marshall's hit record "Stan" into a song about a gamer's quest for the console.

Stu. pic.twitter.com/g2IH5swp9g

— Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) December 6, 2020

The PS5 is undoubtedly on top of the Christmas list for many kids and adults. And after turning over every stone to find one, Stu (Pete Davidson) decided to sit down ask the Big Man in charge for one. While penning a letter to Santa Claus (played by SNL host Jason Bateman), Stu's obsession with the game started to rival the infatuation Stan had with Eminem. 

"I won't be greedy, or needy, or ask you for too much," Stu raps while writing down his Christmas list in a basement. "Just want one thing, and hope you still got that magic touch/Because getting this present is the only thing keeping me alive/Dear Santa Claus, please bring me a PS5."

Like the original song, Santa neglects to write Stu back. This enraged the crazed gamer, prompting him to pen more intense letters to Kris Kringle. 

"If you can't help your biggest fan, you should just retire/Or the next time you slide down my chimney I'll set your ass on fire," Stu writes in ensuing letters before taking things over the edge. 

"Dear Mr. Holly Jolly-Two-Faces-Son-of-a-Bitch," Stu rapped. "I hope you crash your sleigh and wind up face down in a ditch/I guess the great St. Nick can't track down a PS5/Hey, Santa I drank a fifth of eggnog, dare me to drive?"

After reading these letters, the elves at Santa's workshop were worried. To calm their nerves, Santa decided to write Stu back like Eminem did Stan. But instead of giving him a heartfelt message similar to Em's, Santa just told him that he had the wrong address. 

This hilarious rendition of one of Eminem's smash hits was topped with a cameo from the iconic rapper. At the end of the sketch, Eminem appears on Stu's basement television, unwrapping a PS5 that he didn't even ask for. 

"I guess Shady must've been a good boy this year," Em said to the screen. "Sorry, Stu. You fucked up."

You fucked up, Stu... https://t.co/PX1UXsE94f

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) December 6, 2020

Watch the full sketch above.

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