Will Smith Learns to Never Come For Margot Robbie's Mom

Will Smith and Margot Robbie dissed each other on the BBC's 'Playground Insults.'

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The highly-anticipated Suicide Squad may have scored the biggest August opening of all time, but it severely disappointed, garnering abysmal reviews from critics and fans. Even with all the Suicide Squad vitriol circulating, Will Smith and Margot Robbie can apparently maintain a sense of humor, as they hilariously dissed each other on the most recent episode of BBC'S Playground Insults. In the new episode, Smith learns very quickly to never involve Robbie's mom.

Robbie kicks off the game and goes straight for the jugular by making fun of Smith's ears, saying she could use them as antennae to connect to the wifi back at her mom's place in Australia. Smith immediately bursts into laughter and before he can even begin to retaliate, she says, "Don't talk about my mom. She's going to watch this." He proceeds to mock the Finding Dory pins Robbie is wearing, suggesting that she can use them to to talk to people back home via "underwater telepathic waves."

The castmates trade several more jabs, with Robbie getting the better of the exchanges. "You're so old, I had to Google The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," said the actress, who was just two months old when Smith's sitcom began airing in the fall of 1990. "You were the worst-looking cast member in I Am Legend," she continues, as Smith points out that said cast consisted of "me, zombies and a dog."

Finally, Smith goes for the "I slept with your mother" joke. But Robbie easily parries with a joke about his not-so-"Big Willie." 

Suicide Squad, despite its poor reviews, is headed for a second weekend of topping the box office, though its receipts are down 67 percent from opening weekend.

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