Chelsea Handler Tries to Convince People She's Oprah in First Trailer for Netflix Talk Show

'Chelsea' will premiere on Netflix May 11.

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After debuting a four-part docuseries called Chelsea Does on Netflix in January, comedian Chelsea Handler is continuing her Netflix stint with an upcoming talk show called ChelseaThe outspoken and often crude comedian—who has tripped on ayahuasca for our amusement and posed nude in the bathtub to make bold statements about censorship laws—is not here to make you comfortable. In fact, her mission is the exact opposite, and it looks like there will be plenty more typically improper humor in the talk show based on this first exclusive trailer. 

The show is set to premiere on Netflix on May 11 and will air on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. Chelsea, executive produced by Bill Wolff, follows Handler as she interviews people from various walks of life, all the while being her unabashed and candid self. 

Within the first ten seconds of the clip, Handler attempts to convince a white Eastern European couple that she is Oprah. When the couple responds, "We thought she's...," clearly avoiding the word "black," Handler interjects: "Oh no you can say black it's fine." Handler isn't a fan filtering herself, which makes Netflix the perfect host for the show.

The rest of the clip finds Handler getting up to various shenanigans all over the world. She appears to take tips from a geisha and tries her hand at a physically demanding obstacle course. She appears to be learning in each of these situations, which is when she provides some context for the show: "I'm treating this show like the college education I forgot to get."

The clip also finds her asking a group of polygamists to join their marriage, interviewing ignorant kids about the upcoming election, ice skating, smoking, having champagne poured on her chest, and all the other wild things you'd expect from her. If you can think of it, it looks like Handler will do it in Chelsea. 

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