Despite valiant protest efforts from the platform's most influential users, Instagram still refuses to rethink its archaic approach toward matters of 'grammed nudity. After all, the year is 2016 and everyone knows censorship (especially sexism-inspired censorship) is quite lame indeed. After a brief break from semi-nude 'gramming, Chelsea Handler has returned to the front lines of the good fight with a perfectly defiant bath tub selfie:

Of course, Handler is no stranger to the fine-tuned art of a well-orchestrated semi-nude 'gram. "If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it's ok, but not a woman?" Handler asked when Instagram removed one of her photos back in 2014. "Are we in 1825?" Handler awesomely reposted the photo only to once again have it removed by the mega lame censor police. In the two years since that inquiry, Handler has remained steadfast in her pursuit to openly mock Instagram's ridiculousness:

In January, Adult Swim star Eric Andre joined the protest in his own unique way by simply putting his actual penis all over the 'gram. Get it together, Instagram. Nudity is cool.

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