Nintendo Announces New 'Super Smash Bros.' and 'Mario Party' Games for Switch at E3

'Fortnite' is now available on Switch.

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Nintendo made a lot of people happy at its E3 press conference on Tuesday with the announcement that every single character that's ever been featured in a previous Super Smash Bros. game will be included in the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate edition for Switch.

That wasn't the day's only highlight, though. Among other exciting announcements, Nintendo also revealed that a new Mario Party game will be coming to Switch, confirmed that Fortnite is now available on the platform, and unveiled a long list of other games that will be arriving throughout the year. Watch video of the press conference above and continue for more details and trailers.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Switch arrives on December 7, it will feature the largest unlockable roster of characters in the history of the series. They're bringing back every last character that's ever been included in a previous Smash Bros. game—even old downloadable content characters. These old characters will be joined by new fighters never before seen in a Smash Bros. game, like Inkling from the Splatoon series and Ridley from the Metroid series. Nintendo also promises "faster combat, new items, new attacks, new defensive options, and more."

Super Mario Party

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Nintendo's fan-favorite board game style Mario Party series gets a complete refresh in Super Mario Party. Slated for an October 5 release, the game comes with 80 new mini-games and lots of new ways to play including a mode called Toad's Rec Room that pairs two Nintendo Switch systems for tabletop gaming.


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As of today, June 12, Fortnite is finally available on the Switch. Nintendo users can download the game now and play Battle Royale completely free.

2018 Software Lineup

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, and Fortnite aren't the only exciting games coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Other games include Mario Tennis Aces, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!, and Eevee! See a video outlining some of the highlights above.

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