Tom Hiddleston Shuts Down Taylor Swift Dating Conspiracies

Tom Hiddleston confirmed his relationship with Taylor Swift is not a "publicity stunt."

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dating truthers can rest as Hiddleston has confirmed the two are dating and that it's "not a publicity stunt"—as many have suggested—nor has he been kidnapped.

Hiddleston shot down rumors "Hiddleswift" was fake in a phone interview with The Hollywood Reporter which also touched on being nominated for an Emmy, his first, announced earlier Thursday. He's nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Emmy for The Night Manager.

When asked about dating Swift and what he would say to people who thought it was a publicity stunt Hiddleston answered: "Well, um. How best to put this? The truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we're very happy." 

He added, "That's the truth. It's not a publicity stunt."

Photos of Hiddleston and Swift's love story first surfaced two weeks after Swift and Calvin Harris called it quits, which seems to have directly led Harris to pen what may or may not be a breakup song about Swift.

Hiddleswift made an even bigger splash over Fourth of July weekend when Hiddleston was photographed hugging Swift wearing a "I ❤️  T.S." shirt while sporting a lipstick tattoo heart with a "T" inside. One can assume the "T" here is for "Taylor" and not "Tom."

And if you're wondering whether Hiddleston will be taking Swift to the Emmys he toldTHR that right now he doesn't know who he's taking. So, maybe? Who knows if the two will flame out by the time the Emmys roll around in September.

Hiddleston is currently filming the third Thor film Thor: Ragnarok where he'll reprise his role as Loki.

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