Get a Load of Deez Nuts, The 15-Year-Old Presidential Candidate

The 15-year-old Iowan speaks out in a video interview.

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In the biggest reveal since the internet found out Desus Nice was black comes the long awaited reveal of the 15-year-old teen behind presidential candidate Deez Nuts. Last month The Daily Beast reported that the teen behind Nuts was from Iowa, we now know Nuts is masterminded by Brady Olson of Wallingford, a city with a population of 200. A KTIV interview with Olson reveals his hopes for his Nuts legacy and his stance on the hot button issue of immigration, but questions remain. Will Deez Nuts vote for Kanye? Will Deez Nuts team up with the Based God in the future? 

Olson, affectionately referred to as the “encyclopedia of politics” by his dad, hopes that his fifteen minutes of fame will change the current debate system placed in the U.S. citing how our northern neighbors in Canada have four party debates. He also hopes that something, not necessarily a wall, should be built or that borders should be reinforced to “make it harder” for immigrants to get into the United States. We're sure Donald Trump would agree.

As for whether or not Deez Nuts will make a comeback? Olson said, 

“I'm still undecided on that one, but the door is always open.”

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