As recently as last week, polls showed that about 9 percent of voters in North Carolina said they'd vote for the mysterious third party candidate Deez Nuts. Sadly, it was all for nothing. 

Deez Nuts, the great and shining hope for this nation in the 2016 presidential election, is not in fact a real person. 

The Daily Beast somehow tracked down the 15-year-old boy hero who created Deez Nuts and inspired us all. His name is reportedly Brady Olson, a farmboy from Iowa who registered Deez Nuts as a candidate with the SEC last month. 

By tracking down the address next door to the (fake) address that Olson / Deez Nuts filed as a candidate under, they figured out that it was the teen. It turns out that anyone can fill out a Form 2 with the SEC, because until you start getting attention and raising money, nobody checks to see if you're a real person. 

That's how you end up with candidates like Sydneys Vuluptuous Buttocks and Limberbutt McCubbins, other "people" who filed a Form 2, but didn't get the attention that Deez Nuts did. 

Olson / Deez Nuts is still hoping to become president, though, even though the constitution prohibits a 15-year-old from doing that. 

“The next step is to get some party nominations, like the Minnesota Independence Party or the Modern Whig Party,” the predictably awesome Olson told The Daily Beast. “It would also be great to find a VP, preferably McCubbins because the Nuts/McCubbins ticket sounds amazing.”

Maybe this kid should be president. At least president of a cable network or something.