Donut Rat Gets Its Just Desserts

Donut Rat is all about that sugary sweet life.

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Not short on fire rat content, the internet welcomes a new entry: Donut Rat, the latest rat to scurry to viral video fame! Respect to the O.G., Pizza Rat, straight outta the New York subway, for first inspiring New Yorkers and people worldwide by reminding them to always chase that cheese, get that dough. From there, things got realer when we saw nature at its ugliest during a fight between a rat and a pigeon, two of New York City’s finest. And then we met this giant demon rat from Germany, for which we have no inspirational words. 

Donut Rat is a critter with an affinity for donuts like Ariana Grande—who coincidentally dropped a video for her new single today (Do we smell marketing stunt?)—caught making a late night donut run at the East Broadway station at 2:30 a.m. as you too have probably found yourself making after a night out. So many questions are left unanswered: What kind of donut was it? Where did it come from? But finding out that information wouldn't satisfy us more than knowing somehow and somewhere Pizza Rat and Donut Rat have found each other. 

[via The Daily Beast]

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